Thursday, 7 December 2017

Eagle and squirrel

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Today i am going to share my word cloud with you and also my screencastify

here is my screencastify today in my writing i have been writing about the squirrel and the eagle.

Thursday, 30 November 2017


ki ora bloggers.

Today at hay park school we did some Orienteering. I think that Orienteering is a really fun sport because we get to learn how to read maps so if your lost then you can get back home. Today we had to get into to buddy and get a map me and my buddy had the letter H. Me and my class went to the hall steps and went to our letter one person has to hold the chart that numbed up to  16 we had to get a map and find the clipper  it was challenging because i don't know how to read maps that much and it was
even more challenging because we were timed. At the end there was a  pears that won.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice- Activity One

ki ora and welcome back to my blog post

Today i am going to talk about my favorite country.  The country i chose is Mexico i chose  this because it has over 118.5 million people living their.  Mexico is a country that is north of america
it is located directly below south of the united states of America. There is no official language in Mexico because normally they speak Spanish. Normally in the north it is colder and dryer but in the south it is more warm, sunny and tropical. In the southern of mexico there is more likely to have hurricanes in the summer and fall (June, October). The national sport in Mexico is soccer, basket ball and bullfighting.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


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Today me and my class was doing  Orienteering.  In Orienteering today we had to get a map and a mint box that was painted red and white and had a letter on it. so first there has to be one person with the map and the letter and they have to look at the map and try to hide the mint bottle at the same spot or else the person that is going to find the mint box will probably not find it because it is in the wrong spot.

to be continued 

Thursday, 9 November 2017


kia ora blogger

Today i would like to write a thank you letter to the swimming coaches. I would like to say thank you to all the coaches at Cameron pools for making us more comfortable in the water and teaches us how to do some moves in the water.   The first day i went swimming was in the Nanns pool we were practicing our  back floats and front floats but first thing we did was hold our breath and go under the water. Then the third week we went to the big pools with our life jackets on here is a picture of my group in the big pools.

Friday, 27 October 2017

This week I am going to be showing you a piece of my writing .

This is a peace of my favorite writing please give me feed back.

Let me tell you about cavities. Cavities are caused by a whole lot of microbes in your mouth that loves candy it can leave a whole in you teeth also leaves a really bad stain in your teeth if you don’t brush your teeth. It all starts when you were a little baby when you mum or dad kisses you and that's when you get cavities. Also if lactic acid goes in you teeth it can go on to your second layer on your teeth and make it harder to grow.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

TriStar Gymnastics

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So today my class witch is room 9 went to the gym near Keith hay park. When we got at the gym the first thing we had to do is take of our jumpers, socks, and shoes then we went in the actual gym it looked so fun because it looked like there was a lot of activities . The first thing we did besides taking our shoes socks and jumpers of was warm up. Warming up is something that you should do when your going to do any  type of  gymnastic. Here is a video of me and my best friend Hadiya jumping on the trampoline down below the time of it is  at 11:00 seconds.